First it was the incandescent bulb then the CF, compact fluorescent, light bulb. CF bulbs do save a lot of energy and last a long time but what is there to come for home lighting in the future? The soon to be future for lighting is the LED lamp. LEDs have been used in electronic devices for years and have come onto the scene in computer and TV screens recently. Now they are being used to product LED light bulbs for home lighting needs.

These bulbs are the most efficient yet with an extremely long life. The highest quality LED lamps are rated to last 50,000 hours while producing 90% less heat than an incandescent light bulb. They light instantly unlike compact fluorescent bulbs that have to warm up to produce full light capacity. They contain no mercury or lead like other bulbs.

These new bulbs are designed to fit standard light bulb sockets and fixtures. LED bulbs do cost more initially but are great replacement bulbs for hard to reach lamps or ones that stay on most of the time. By installing LED bulbs you can drastically reduce your monthly electric bill. The light output at the top of the bulb can easily exceed a standard 60-watt bulb..