Guest post written by Carol Brighton

It’s a little funny how when I talk about my kids, I’m referring to my twenty something grown children. But I guess that it’s just a habit to keep on calling them your kids no matter what. When they were younger, it used to be like pulling teeth to get them to go to museums or go and see plays. But now they suggest going and doing that stuff all of the time. p>

My daughter let me know a while back that Billy Elliot was going to be touring near us, so we decided that the three of us would go. I looked for discount tickets online because it’s always worth seeing if you can find a deal. When I was doing that, I ran across some information on Miracle Ear. I looked through it a few times and I decided to make the step of getting fitted with some hearing aids. It was something I considered before and I thought it was about time to follow through with it.

I got them before we went and saw the Billy Elliot touring show and I decided that was a good decision on my part. I had so much fun at it and was glad that my daughter brought it up to me..