If you have looked into solar power for your home you may have been put off by the initial cost of the systems. Calculating the energy savings show that most systems will pay for themselves in just a couple of years. Being off the power grid either partially or completely is a freeing feeling. You are no longer tied completely to the large electric utility company and dependent on their existence.

As energy costs climb the initial investment add up to larger savings in the long run. To help with the initial costs some states and the Federal government have funded rebate programs or tax credits. If your system is highly efficient and produces more power than used by your home, you can actually sell electricity back to the utility company.

There are financial incentives available that include tax credits, deductions and exemptions. If you research for solar power financial assistance you can find loans, bonds, grants and rebates operated at the federal and state levels. Even some electric utility companies provide offers and savings for solar power..