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Who doesn’t love Sex and the City? All of the women on this show are pure fabulous, get any guy they want, and have wardrobes to die for. Whenever I’m feeling a little blue, I simply watch this show and pick myself right back up. This show makes me feel empowered and confidant as a woman. I love watching it on my Direct TV DVR Deals in Maryland any time I get a chance.

There are so many reasons to watch this show. First off, any woman who wants to get a great wardrobe should watch this show to see what th! e characters are wearing. One will get so many fashion ideas by watching this show. In addition, this show has some of the hottest guys. If one likes to watch guys that act as eye candy, then this is the perfect show. In addition, one may get some ideas that help in a relationship or to attract a guy. One of my favorite episodes featured the time when Carrie entered into a modeling show for Dolce & Gabbana in New York. She was chosen by the designers to walk in the fashion show, and I just thought it was so much fun to see a woman being so adventurous. The show inspires me to seek out opportunities to do cool things like walking in a fashion show in New York!.