The Christmas and New Year holidays are just around corner which means a lot of people will be traveling to see friends and family. If you are planning to travel during the holidays by automobile then it is time to get it prepared before leaving for your trip. Make sure your automobile is in good working order and have normal maintenance completed before you leave. It is a good idea to change the oil and oil filter as well as having the engine tuned up. Make sure your tires are inflated to the proper pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Do not forget to check on your spare tire as well making sure it is inflated and easily accessible. If you have recently purchased a new car make sure you have a spare tire as some manufacturers are not including spare tires in the standard package. Make sure to check other essential fluids such as windshield washer fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid and the engine water coolant level. Another item most people forget is to check to make sure their car insurance is in full force and paid up. This time of year it may even be a good idea to check for competitive insurance rates as some companies are giving discounts before the end of the year..