Gadgets Piling Up?

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If you are like most people that love gadgets, you buy a new piece of electronic equipment only to find out a newer gadget just came out. It is somewhat frustrating, the speed that electronic manufactures are creating new merchandise. Filling the land field with used electronics does not sound like an eco-friendly way of life. Maybe a better way to help the environment is by recycling your used gadgets.

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Sex and the City

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Who doesn’t love Sex and the City? All of the women on this show are pure fabulous, get any guy they want, and have wardrobes to die for. Whenever I’m feeling a little blue, I simply watch this show and pick myself right back up. This show makes me feel empowered and confidant as a woman. I love watching it on my Direct TV DVR Deals in Maryland any time I get a chance.

There are so many reasons to watch this show. First off, any woman who wants to get a great wardrobe should More >

Is Solar Power For You

Are you sick and tired of paying for sky high home heating bills? The price of home heating oil, gas and electricity is frustrating for the home owner trying to make it in financially strapped economy. Maybe an alternative, such as solar power, may be a good option to look into. Most people do not understand alternative heating or power sources such as solar or wind power. Although these power sources can be somewhat mystical they are in the realm of understanding of the average person with a little research.

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Green Travel Printing

If you are like most people you may like to carry your laptop as you travel. Sometimes just having your laptop with you is not enough; you may need to actually print what you view. It may be discount coupons for travel such as gas, food, lodging or events that need to be printed in order to be taken to the store to be redeemed. Having a printer with you can be convenient as well as saving money. There are several ways to carry your printer along with your laptop and still remain eco-friendly.

One way you can help to save More >

Spending The Holidays With Family

Posted by Heriberto Fuentes

Every year my family has a Christmas party; we hold it early so that everyone can spend the holidays at home with their kids. This way we can see all of our extended family and exchange gifts during the holidays.

For us it takes about 2 hours to drive there and we usually stay with my parents for the weekend. Dinner is potluck and everyone who comes contributes to the meal. I miss spending Christmas day with my family, but I am happy to see them for the party.

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Eco-friendly Home Cleaning

Protecting our environment at home in small ways can add up, especially if everyone does their part. This can be anything from keeping our cars running efficiently to home cleaning. The more each person does to help the environment, the larger the overall affect, no matter how small the effort. This can include the use of eco-friendly products in our homes as well on our jobs. Using all natural products with as little harmful chemicals as possible can be someone’s first step to becoming more “green”. If you have felt as if you have not been doing your part, start More >

What Is in Store for Green Shipping?

As rivers become more polluted, landfills become filled and the land becomes more strewn with trash what are we really doing about it? It is time America and the rest of the world takes a strong stand to clean up our environment. With the invention of plastics being used for our drinking containers, water bottles and shopping bags the landfills seem to be filling much faster than ever before. It is just not consumables that are adding to the problem but also shipping materials used to get the consumables to the marketplace. Several major grocery chains are looking at the More >

Is Your Medical Clothing Eco-Friendly

You have probably seen the new scrubs that nurses, physicians and medical specialists wear? They are not the old boring scrubs of the past days. The scrubs now are bright, colorful and stylist, making patients feel happier. But are these colorful renditions really eco-friendly?

While searching the Internet for an answer I was happy to find hats and medical scrubs that were eco-friendly clothing. The medical scrub hats were made from 100% cotton making them easily washed in your washing machine using cold water and then tumble dry on the low heat setting. Not only does this save money but the hats More >

Should You Travel When You Are Pregnant

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If you are considering taking a trip while you are pregnant, you may feel it to be somewhat scary, although it is safe in reality. A pregnant woman can fear something happening to her unborn child no matter what she is doing. The raging hormones as well as the fear of the unexpected can develop phobias without basis for the concern. If you are planning to take a trip, make sure to check with your physician for safety, especially if your trip involves More >

I Did Not See A Thing

Travel time is getting close and it is time to plan where and when to go. Should it be the beach, mountains or some exotic destination? I am ready to see exotic vistas, beautiful sunny skies and breathe taking views that I have not seen before. One problem that faces us all is the fact that it is hard to see as we age; then we need glasses. No matter how beautiful the sites are, as you travel, if you cannot see them then the experience is wasted. Most people have this issue once they reach their 40s but others More >