New Agencies Join Energy Star In Rating Green Appliances

While most homeowners are familiar with Energy Star, the EPA-underwritten efficiency ratings service emblazoned across energy efficient appliances nationwide, few are aware that Energy Star is far from the only game in town. New ratings agencies—including two from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers—are making themselves known to homeowners looking for an efficiency upgrade. With these even higher efficiency standards, homeowners across Chicago and the rest of the nation need only call their local appliance removal specialist to responsibly dispose of underperforming laundry machines and dishwashers.

Open to clothes washers and dishwashers, AHAM’s verification programs will target water consumption and energy usage More >

Where Is My Cell Phone

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According to one of the latest polls one item that people would be least able to give up would be their cell phones. If you have ever been in the position of losing or misplacing your cell phone you know how desperate you feel. The desperation comes from the fact that you may not be sure if you left your cell phone somewhere and a would-be thief may pick it up and use it or if it is just under the car seat, More >

Eyeglass Recycling

You may be required to wear eyeglasses to read, drive or do other daily functions. If you have worn eyeglasses for some length of time then you know how expensive they can be. There are a multitude of people who cannot afford to buy glasses even though they cannot see well. These people may not be able to hold a job or do daily functions for the simple fact they lack the proper vision wear. They may have broken or misplaced their glasses and cannot afford to replace them. If you wear prescription glasses on a daily basis then you More >

Eco-Friendly Work Clothing

When you are purchasing work clothing you probably do not think so much about the impact the making of the clothing has on the environment. You mostly consider if it will fit or not, wear well and is a good deal. We can help the environment by buying clothing which is made of renewable materials as well as being eco-friendly made. You may think this type of clothing would be drab and unstylish looking…not true!

Take a look at the medical scrubs that can be purchased at Cotton scrubs are available that not only wear and feel great but look More >

Cell Phone Use And Travel Abroad?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most people do not understand that their cell phones may not work when they travel abroad. When people get ready for a cruise or trip abroad they are worried about packing the right clothes, passports and other paperwork, traveler’s checks and credit cards, reservations and other necessaries. But what about one of the items most people feel they cannot do without…their cell phone. Having cell phone service while traveling, even if within the US, is crucial. Not only is it important to More >


Post contributed by Leonard Phelps

I am a live-in nanny for one of the most spoiled families that I’ve ever met. It is disgusting watching how the mom and dad interact with their kids. If one of the kids wants something, their parents don’t even ask any questions- they just buy it for them! In my AP psychology class, my professor talked about how working parents feel guilty for not being able to stay at home with their kids, and so sometimes buy them things to ease the guilt of never really being there for them. I think that this family is More >

Commercial Lighting Goes Green

More people are using energy saving lighting in their homes and now commercial establishments are joining in. Not only can a business save money on their electric bills but help the environment at the same time. One way to save money is with high efficient lighting but there are other strategies as well. Cutting lighting off or down when not needed is a money saving strategy. This would include areas that are not in use during certain times of the day or night. Cutting off portions of lighting during days that can provide sunlight as a light source are extremely More >

Missing Anything?

If you have ever come home to find someone has broken into your home and stole your prized possessions…well it is a sickening feeling. People are desperate now and steal when they normally would not. No job, no food, no money plus opportunity equals a chance to become a thief. These new criminals are everyday people turned thieves. The best way to help these people is to make sure your valuables are secure. This will take professional help.

Installing a home security system can be a daunting task. Drilling holes throughout your home plus mounting all of the sensors does not More >

Are You Doing Your Part?

I know it is hot and summertime is here but are you doing your part? We have to all conserve energy if we are going to clean up the environment and help to save mother earth. The small changes we make each day can have huge effects on the environment as a whole. We must be conscious of our habits and try to make small changes in order to leave our children a world worth living in.

You do not have to completely change the way you live all at once. When you change a light bulb use one that conserves More >

Summertime Clean Up

Summer is here and it is time to give your home a thorough cleaning. Time to get all of the dust bunnies from under the bed and really deep clean the carpeting. A home can really collect a substantial amount of dust and dirt during the winter and spring months. The tree leaves, pollen, grass clippings and other yard debris can find its way into the most unusual places inside your home. Time to open the doors to air out your home as well as clean everything inside. You may not be a clean freak or cleaning up may not More >