Travel time is getting close and it is time to plan where and when to go. Should it be the beach, mountains or some exotic destination? I am ready to see exotic vistas, beautiful sunny skies and breathe taking views that I have not seen before. One problem that faces us all is the fact that it is hard to see as we age; then we need glasses. No matter how beautiful the sites are, as you travel, if you cannot see them then the experience is wasted. Most people have this issue once they reach their 40s but others have it much earlier.

I hate to spend a fortune on a set of glasses only to have them set on, stepped on or lost. It is not only disheartening but makes it hard to see anything. It is a good idea to have an extra pair just in case something happens to the pair you normally wear. The only problem is the cost of glasses to begin with. Well, I think I found an answer. You can purchase quality eyeglasses online for a fraction of the cost. The company ZenniOptical has a website where you can upload your picture and then try their glasses on your face, online, to see what they will look like. All you have to do is have a picture of yourself and your prescription. That is so cool…so if you are looking for an extra pair of prescription glasses check them out..