Just think how much gas you use running from store to store looking for a product you want to purchase. You just add to the pollution levels and waste money at the same time. Wouldn’t it be easier to be able to go to one store; have the ability to shop from multiple stores stocking the same product while being able to compare prices at the same time? The ultimate shopping experience…while helping to save the earth at the same time.

Just think if you have children, dragging them to all the stores while trying desperately to shop at the same time. Talking about losing your sanity and quickly. Do not despair there may be an answer…

Whether you are shopping for car seats, convertible car seats or other products for your babies and toddlers you can find it all in one place at ShopWiki. It is a new website which allows you to view products from different companies you are searching for. You see all the companies and not just the ones that have paid to be on a website. It uses all the stores on the Internet that are crawled by Google. Neat…right?

This levels the playing field and gives you the ability to pick the stores you like and trust best which can provide the products you are looking for, without bias. Next time you go shopping, save gas and time and try ShopWiki..