Do You Feel Old

As we age it seems as though there is a new ache or pain each day. It seems to be harder to get out of bed in the morning and to get a good night’s rest. One day we are youthful and energetic and then the next we are hurting all over. No matter how hard you try you will age and develop aches and pains. There are products on the market now which can lessen the effects of aging. These antioxidant type products can help to alleviate inflammation in the body. One such type wellness drink is called Nopalea More >

All I Want For Christmas Is To See

If you are like most people, as you age your sight seems to diminish more and more. You may be like me and wish your Christmas present would include better vision. Since that is probably not going to happen then the next best thing is to get a nice pair of eyeglasses. The only problem is eyeglasses are expensive and once you purchase them you are stuck. It is not safe or healthy not being able to see well. This is a real problem especially if you are purchasing glasses for someone in your family as a Christmas present. Well, More >