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Is Your Medical Clothing Eco-Friendly

You have probably seen the new scrubs that nurses, physicians and medical specialists wear? They are not the old boring scrubs of the past days. The scrubs now are bright, colorful and stylist, making patients feel happier. But are these colorful renditions really eco-friendly?

While searching the Internet for an answer I was happy to find hats and medical scrubs that were eco-friendly clothing. The medical scrub hats were made from 100% cotton making them easily washed in your washing machine using cold water and then tumble dry on the low heat setting. Not only does this save money but the hats More >

Should You Travel When You Are Pregnant

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are considering taking a trip while you are pregnant, you may feel it to be somewhat scary, although it is safe in reality. A pregnant woman can fear something happening to her unborn child no matter what she is doing. The raging hormones as well as the fear of the unexpected can develop phobias without basis for the concern. If you are planning to take a trip, make sure to check with your physician for safety, especially if your trip involves More >

I Did Not See A Thing

Travel time is getting close and it is time to plan where and when to go. Should it be the beach, mountains or some exotic destination? I am ready to see exotic vistas, beautiful sunny skies and breathe taking views that I have not seen before. One problem that faces us all is the fact that it is hard to see as we age; then we need glasses. No matter how beautiful the sites are, as you travel, if you cannot see them then the experience is wasted. Most people have this issue once they reach their 40s but others More >

Trade Your Unwanted Items

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of votrust. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you have items that are still good but you do not need anymore, trade them. You may have tried auctioning items or you may have tried to purchase something you needed on an auction site only to lose it in the last few seconds. It can be frustrating, especially if you stayed up until the middle of the night just to make a losing bid. You may not know it but there is a new way to trade items and get what you More >

Getting Ready For A Green Trip

It is hard enough getting ready for a trip or vacation but have you thought of ways to make the smallest impact on the environment as you pack? It usually goes something like this, throw everything you can in a huge suitcase and pack it until it almost explodes. You pack as if you are staying for a month when you are only going away for the weekend. If you are packing for your kids then the poor car can barely make its way down the road, it is packed to the gill. Before packing for your next trip or More >